Midnight Dream Studios has been my dream for many years.

I completed a Diploma in Graphic Design back in 2014, but once I was finished I had no direction. I felt lost and for a while, content to continue working in Administration.

One day, I stumbled upon a wonderful designer by the name of Bonnie Christine. Bonnie, is a Surface Pattern Designer. Say what now? I know, I had no idea what this was either.

A Surface Pattern Designer or Surface Designer creates work to go on a multitude of different products; anything from fabric to stationery to kitchenware. They bring beauty into the world and help people to express their unique personalities.

It started to dawn on me, that to do what I wanted to do, I didn’t have to be a fine artist who could paint a real life image to pursue this career. My own unique style once discovered and developed, would be more than enough. I have my own beauty to share with the world, and it’s time for me to start sharing it.

So please, take a look around! I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy creating it.

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